A buzz in the air!

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A buzz in the air!

Careers Convention 2018

Over 40 companies representing a broad spectrum of careers attended this year’s Careers Convention.

Pupils in Lower Fifth - and above - and parents made the most of the opportunity to speak to exhibitors from a variety of companies, both familiar and new.

Careers Adviser Ruth Cheesman said: “As ever, we were incredibly grateful for the time given last Thursday by exhibitors to help guide and advise our pupils and parents on a variety of careers.”

Some of the career areas attending included volunteering and gap year opportunities, paid STEM-focused gap year work, civil engineering, chartered surveying, entrepreneurs, finance, events planning, art and theatre, physics, computing, allied-health careers such as physiotherapy, audiology and occupational therapy plus medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, project management, science research and the MOD.

We were pleased to be joined by two alumni Paul Cann (1987 – 1994) and Charlie Willson (2003 – 2014) from Charles Stanley & Co.

The Careers Convention is always a well-attended event, but Mrs Cheesman said this year felt even more purposeful with a ‘buzz’ in the air.

“Many pupils had come prepared with a list of those exhibitors they wanted to talk to and numerous comments were made on the professionalism and excellent questions being asked by pupils.

“This is one of many small steps that pupils can take whilst at Exeter School to help them make informed choices for their future,” said Mrs Cheesman.

Mrs Cheesman is available to chat with all pupils about anything careers-related. She is based in the library all day Monday and Tuesday and on Wednesday morning.