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3D in Dartmoor

Pixies Holt

It was the turn of 3D to put on their waterproof trousers and venture to Pixies Holt in Dartmoor last weekend.

The wet weather meant that the Third Form pupils could experience some different activities to those of the typical Pixies Holt residential.

Form Tutor Mrs Alborough said pupils bravely navigated underground passages and squeezed themselves through tight spaces in an impressive ancient cave.

“The form’s competitive spirit was brought out through team orienteering in the woods,” she said.

The evening activities encouraged teambuilding and demonstrated the numerous and varied talents of the pupils of 3D.

Many thanks to Revd Tom, Mrs Fairweather, Dr Wilson, Mr Tuohey, Mrs Metcalf and Mr Griffin who all helped 3D to have a fantastic weekend.