Week commencing 8 October 2018

Week commencing 8 October 2018


Friday 5 October

U11A v Queen's Taunton - won 45 – 15

Tries: Wilfred Venn (3), Alex Vosper (2), Tom Byrne (2) and Rory Clarke (1)

"This proved to be an exciting and enjoyable game, played to the best format possible for the hard (non contact) conditions," said Mr Pidwell.

"The boys were down 5:10 after the first third but after a brief chat and ideas session, the boys made a huge comeback. Finally they dominated the game and won 45 – 15. As ever fast hands, passing quickly, making defenders commit and using the space were all key elements of the boys' win.

"I was hugely impressed with their defensive line, which at times, looked like something from a text book. They are now all hungrily looking forward to some “proper rugby” at West Buckland.

"This should spread the opportunities for success and perhaps give those committed players, who are not so nimble, a chance to shine and excel.

"Well done, to the whole team."

U11B v Queen's College - lost 30 – 40 (Jack Wills 3, Tom Lambert 3)

"The curse of the ‘concrete’ pitches, caused by the recent dry weather, had made its way up to Taunton!" said Mr Ashman.

"Consequently, we played an adapted version of touch rugby, which retained some of the key aspects of the contact game such as scrums as well as going to ground in a pseudo ruck.

"The boys certainly gained a great deal form the experience with Jack Wills and Tom Lambert leading the way with slick handling skills and incisive running. Overall, it was a very worthwhile exercise for the boys."

U10A v Queen's College - won 40 – 35

Try scorers: Jacob Hardy (2), Daniel Adams (2), James O’Connell (1), Harry Hubble (1), Otis Challen (1), Josh Paget (1)

“With Queen’s College enduring hard dry pitches like us, it was agreed that this match would be a variation on tag rugby which did allow a degree of contact, but not full tackling or going to ground," said Mr Wood.

"As with the Exeter Cathedral School game earlier in the term, this made all the boys concentrate heavily on good passing and off-loading, coupled with jinking runs and running in support. The result was a very evenly contested match which was great to watch, as all 16 boys involved displayed impressive skills in these departments.

"Our ability to come from behind was evident again, as we let in a couple of early tries only to fight back with great character, eventually running out winners by the narrowest of margins in a 15 try thriller.

"Daniel Adams, Otis Challen and Harry Hubble particularly caught my eye, with their mazy runs giving the opposition headaches throughout the game. Well done to the boys for maintaining their unbeaten start to the season!”

U10B v Queen's College, Taunton - won 40 – 10

Tries: Freddie Cann 2, Samuel Morgan 2, Ollie Johnson, Tom O’Connor 3 )

Due to the hard ground and safety considerations, the game was played under touch rules.

"The boys adapted well and looked to keep their shape and line," said Mr Bland.

"Our more purposeful touch tackling, determination and considerable pace proved too much for the opposition, with an impressive eight tries scored in total.

"All the boys deserve much credit on their performance, with Tom O’Connor our stand out ‘Hat-trick’ Man of the Match."

Tuesday 9 October

U11A v West Buckland - won 50 - 5

Tries: Tom Byrne 3, Alex Vosper 1, Wilfred Venn 2, Jed Smith 1, Rory Clarke 1, William McLeod 1 and Gus Lovell 1

Rugby Captain of the Junior school Rory Clarke reported on the match.

"The pitches were in prefect condition for our contact match because the ground was very soft," said Rory.

"It was a brilliant game and there were some excellent runs and some sharp foot work made by the wingers Tom Byrne and Wilfred Venn. There were some cracking tackles made by the whole team but special mention must go to Rory Clarke, Jed Smith, Joshua Hwang and William McLeod.

"Let’s hope all of the matches go this well in the future, we now need to start using the space a bit more and using both wingers. We all look forward to practicing our rucking more in a game situation."         

U10A v West Buckland School - won 80 - 5

Tries: Toby Kenefick 4, Josh Paget 3, Daniel Adams 2, William Maynard 2, James O’Connell, Jacob Hardy, Harry Hubble, Otis Challen and Rufus Lovell

"It would have been easy to have taken very little from this match, as the result was never really in question from the early part of the game," said Mr Ashman.

"However, we really focused on our handling skills and getting the ball into the channels where there was space. It was testament to all the boys' desire to take this on board that they collectively ensured that everyone scored at least one try; this was a target derived from the players themselves rather than coming from the coach, so even more worthy of credit!

"The team’s attitude really impressed me and the three new additions to the group have clearly added an extra dimension or two.

"The one area for the boys to work at is getting low in the tackle; this has been neglected due to the hard pitches, so hopefully, things will change on the weather front in the next week or so to allow for a bit more tackling practice!"

Thursday 11 October

U9A v Plymouth College Prep - won 12 - 3

Tries: Reuben Tucker (2) Oliver Lister (3) Joseph Lomas (2) Theo Lawrence (2) John Pugh (1) William Ahmad (1) and Finlay Murray (1)

"The boys put in an excellent performance in their first contact match," said Mr Pidwell.

"Hard training and preparation certainly gave the truth to that old saying “Train hard, fight easy!” Nearly all the boys scored tries and there was some excellent defensive work from the whole team.

"Captain Oliver Lister, deserves a special mention, for his unselfish passing and creating scoring chances for others to take over the line.

"A great afternoon’s proper rugby ending with both teams with smiling faces and happy hearts. A super advert for the contact game at this age group."

U8A v Plymouth College Prep

"A very excited U8 Tag Rugby team travelled to Plymouth College on Thursday," said Mr Skinner.

"With only one game under their belt, this was to prove to be an excellent experience. Against an opposition with quick, club playing players, the team were to learn more about how to defend as a team. 

"Four tries were scored from some agile and jinking running and individual tagging was sharp and accurate. Well played boys."

Girls' Hockey

Saturday 6 October

U11A: Queen's College Tournament 

U11A v Queen's - drew 0  -0

U1A v Sherbourne - won 2 - 0

U11A v St George's - lost 0 - 1

U11A v Wellington - drew 1 - 1

We go through to the semi finals:

U11A v Blundell’s - lost 0 - 1 (after extra time)

"It was a very glum and wet day to travel to Queen's College, Taunton, on Saturday for the U11A tournament," said Miss Wright.

"10 teams entered the competition: Queen's College, Millfield, West Buckland, Taunton School, Wellington School, Mount Kelly, Blundell’s, Sherbourne, St George's and Exeter School.

"Exeter had Queen's, Sherbourne, St Georges' and Wellington in the group and some brilliant games were played… especially in the pouring rain! Due to the results in the pool stages, they saw Exeter progress through to the semi finals in second place in Pool A.

"Blundell’s were a strong side but Exeter held their own. The final whistle went and it was still 0-0. That meant that extra time had to be played and it was golden goal. Unfortunately Blundell’s managed to score early into extra time making it 1-0.

"Overall Exeter School came third out of 10 with St George's winning and Blundell’s coming second. The team played exceptionally well, with brilliant spirit throughout the day. The girls worked really hard on and off the ball, and the team work that was displayed was admirable.

"To mention individual players at this point would be very difficult, because everyone in the team contributed significantly and gave it their all. I am very proud of you all!"
Tuesday 9 October

U11A v West Buckland School - won 10 - 0

Hockey Captain Rosie Batchelor of the Junior School reported on the match.

"We scored some brilliant goals but unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on which way you look at it) our goal keeper Rosie Selley didn’t get much play; but she was certainly ready at all times," said Rosie.

"Everyone helped prevent West Buckland from scoring, especially our defenders who changed throughout the game. The people who deserve a special mention because they played really well are Charlotte Greenwood in defence, Emma Barton in the midfield and Yasmin Tucker upfront and who managed to score a goal whilst on the ground!

"Well done to everyone, a really good match away."

U10A v West Buckland School - lost 0 - 2

"The U10A girls played at West Buckland for the first time this term, in glorious blue sky and sunshine," said Ms Barnes.

"Captained by Daisy Brough, the girls demonstrated great stamina and team work as they threw themselves into attacking and defending. As the match progressed, their spacing improved as well as speed and length of passing.

"It was a close match and the girls should feel really proud of their impressive efforts."

Thursday 11 October

U9A v Plymouth College Prep - lost 0 -2 

It was windy and wet day to host Plymouth College who had travelled to Exeter for a 2pm start.

"However, the weather did not phase the team, they were raring to go!" said Miss Wright.

"We were able to play 4 x 7 minute quarters which allowed plenty of rotation through the squad and a good amount of playing time. Throughout the game Exeter retained fabulous possession creating numerous opportunities in the D.

"Unfortunately today wasn’t the day for Exeter in the goal scoring department but we certainly worked hard to retain the ball. Some excellent play came from Alice Kotting, Jenna Ward and player of the match Henni Lutke-Schipolt.

"Unfortunately for Exeter, when Plymouth got the ball in our defensive D, they were clinical and scored the only 2 shots they had.

"A lot was learnt and players progressed throughout, but most importantly they all really enjoyed it. Well done to a great team with a lot of spirit!"

U8A v Plymouth College Prep - drew 1 - 1

"The U8 girls made a very promising start to their hockey journey in their first fixture against Plymouth College," said Mrs Handley.

"Plymouth managed an early lead but Exeter soon stepped up the pace and applied pressure throughout the whole game, eventually scoring to bring the score level at one all.

"They were very unlucky not to score further goals, as they dominated much of the possession throughout the rest of the game. They also showed good defending skills when Plymouth did take control of the ball.

"We were very impressed with the entire team, who in just a few weeks have demonstrated increasing levels of skills and accuracy and good awareness of the game. Well done girls!"


Thursday 11 October

U10A v St Leonard's Primary School - won 3 – 1  (Josh Paget 2, Toby Donegan)

"A well deserved victory for the boys," said Mr Bland. "Yet again the work rate from the whole team was excellent, with an improvement in positional understanding also evident.

"A couple of well taken goals by Josh Paget (voted Man of the Match) gave us a good start, although a lapse in concentration saw the opposition pull one back just before half time.

"The second half was equally fast paced, with chances at both ends, until Toby Donegan calmly slotted in a well placed shot to seal the victory. Well done to the team!"

U10B v St Leonard's Primary School - won 5 – 2 (Cameron McDowell 3, Ollie Johnson 2)

"If the truth be told, the score line slightly flattered us," said Mr Ashman.

"However, that is sometimes the reward for clinical finishing. In the first half, we must have converted every shot on target! It was thanks to some superb goalkeeping from Daniel Adams and no small amount of resilience throughout the team that saw us home.

"In the second half, it was very much a case of the technical stuff ‘going out of the window’ and it was all about ‘digging in’ and blocking wave after wave of attack. Well done, lads, we got there in the end!"