Week commencing 5 November 2018

Week commencing 5 November 2018


Friday 19 October

U10B v Trinity School - won 35 – 20

Try scorers: Tom O’Connor (3), Otis Callen (2), Harry Gray (1), Samuel Morgan (1)

“The U10s have enjoyed a great first half term with their rugby, and, in this very competitive fixture, the B team showed just how far many of them have progressed with their skills and game awareness," said Mr Wood.

"I was pleased with much of the tackling and direct running with ball in hand, and the close support of the runner is starting to emerge with a few of the squad. I will look for even crisper handling in future fixtures, and a greater awareness of where the offside line is from many, who perhaps lose their bearings in the midst of the game.

"Well done to Tom O’Connor and Otis Challen for their decisive and powerful running, and also my thanks to Sebastian Hemmings for strengthening the squad at short notice.”

Wednesday 7 November

U11A v Plymouth College Prep - won 15 – 5

Tries: Tom Bryne (2) Rory Clarke (1)

"This proved to be an excellent rugby match between two very competitive, well-motivated sides," said Mr Pidwell.

"Plymouth College had some excellent players who ran and passed very well. They also had big, well drilled players who were capable in the ruck.

"Exeter rose to the challenge and defended and tackled incredibly well. Wilfred Venn made an incredible tackle after chasing an attacker over two thirds of the pitch. Inspired by the example of Captain Rory, the whole team fought hard at the break down and often achieved turn over ball. Many scrums were also won “against the head” by the sure feet of Jed Smith.

"This was a very close game but Exeter emerged worthy winners. Well done, to the whole team for the huge effort and never say die attitude."

U10A v Plymouth College Prep - won 45 – 10

Try scorers: Toby Donegan (4), Daniel Adams (3), Jacob Hardy (1), Josh Paget (1)

“A comprehensive victory for the A team against a spirited Plymouth College was a very useful warm-up for the U10 festival at Queen’s this Saturday, where the boys will face some very high calibre opposition," said Mr Wood.

"There were clear positives that came out of this match, with all the boys responding well to some recent coaching of a more expansive game plan. The old adage of letting the ball do the work certainly held true in this game, as our quick running ‘wingers’ (Toby Donegan in particular) enjoyed a lot of ball and managed to cross the line on a number of occasions.

"This was an enjoyable game to referee and watch, as both teams were blessed with balanced runners and slick hands; none more so on this occasion than William Maynard, who released many a try scoring run from midfield with beautifully timed offloads and passes. The defence was solid throughout and Plymouth was kept at bay for large chunks of the game.

"The one area the team knows it has to work on is clearing out at the ruck more effectively, which is going to be an important factor in the remaining fixtures of the season. Overall, though, another impressive performance that keeps a great run of results going - well done, boys.”

Thursday 8 November

U9A v Blundell's - drew 45 – 45

Tries: Oliver Lister (4), Reuben Tucker (2), Theo Lawrence (1), Joseph Lomas (1) and William Ahmad (1)

"This proved to be a great afternoon’s rugby between two strong U9 sides," said Mr Pidwell.

"In the first third Exeter looked a little rusty, perhaps feeling the effects of the break in school training over the half term. In the second third, Exeter played much better rugby and tacked very well. They also began to pass the ball and use the width of the pitch.

"All the players very much enjoyed the game and learned a lot. We will be working on receiving the ball at speed as at times are offensive line was quite flat and static. Well done to all the boys who played with such enthusiasm and grit."

U9B v Blundell's Prep - won 60 – 30

Tries: Zac Dunstan (4), Matthew Cooper (2), Reuben Turnbull Pomares (2), Lochie Hughes, William Ogilvie, Benjamin Ledwidge and James Biddick.

"The boys certainly enjoyed this match, having been starved of contact rugby for most of the first half of term due to the hard pitches!" said Mr Ashman.

"I was very pleased with our handling skills and delighted that so many different players got on the scoresheet. With regard to development for the future, we will need to work on getting lower in the tackle and making a bigger hit with the shoulder.

"We also need to focus on positional sense and trying to divide the pitch up into channels to occupy. Overall, it was a very productive afternoon’s work. Well done, boys!"

Girls' Hockey

Friday 19 October

"The squad had had a busy lead up to the U11A tournament hosted at Exeter School," said Miss Wright.

"Six teams were participating including Wellington School, Stover School and The Maynard to name but a few. Exeter School had a really positive start to the tournament playing some strong and fast hockey right from the off.

"The ball was passed at pace, into space and with conviction. Players made some brilliant low and strong tackles throughout clearing their lines out using the width effectively. The games throughout the afternoon were fantastic to watch and at times there was end to end hockey being played.

"The team's loss to Wellington School enabled players to learn from the game and take an awful lot forward to the remaining matches, which eventually saw them being crowned competition winners!

"To mention individual performances would quite simply be impossible, because as I said in the final team talk, every single player significantly contributed the team's success during the afternoon.

"Equal rotation of players in different positions was done effectively and so many players were able to display how versatile and adaptable they are when in a competitive game situation.

"I am so very proud of the whole team and their approach to the afternoon supporting each other through the highs and lows, on and off the pitch. Very well done ladies!"

Wednesday 7 November

U11A Exeter v U11A Plymouth – won 1 - 0

"A strong performance from the U11A team against Plymouth despite the weather," said Miss Lunn.

"We dominated the game with some great connections made from defence to midfield.

"A frustrating score line as the girls produced many goal scoring opportunities working the ball around the solid Plymouth defence. Well done girls."

U11B Exeter v U11B Plymouth- win 5 - 0

U11B Exeter v U11A Plymouth – lost 0 - 5

"It was a long trip down to Plymouth for the afternoon, but well worth it!" said Miss Wright.

"The game v the U11B team started exceptionally well with the first goal being scored in the first minute! The girls made some lovely passes high and wide and they worked really hard at utilising the width of the pitch. Some brilliant speedy runs up the pitch came from Esme Hobbs and Tess Hughes who made it 4-0 in the first 7 minutes. The game seemed to settle a bit more and Plymouth B team got into a bit more of a rhythm, however this didn’t stop the likes of Lydia McLeod and Lucy Netherton from dominating the middle of the pitch and scoring a final goal to make it 5-0.

"The B team then went onto play the A team from Plymouth and we always knew it was going to be a slightly more challenging game. The defenders were kept very busy working hard to clear the ball up the lines. Some excellent play came from Maria Turnbull Pomares who worked relentlessly in the midfield making some strong and low tackles. The final result ended up with a 0-5 loss, however the step up was to be expected and the girls were able to take a lot away from both games.

U11C Exeter v U11B Plymouth – draw 1-1

"The C team travelled to Plymouth with much anticipation to play their U11C team," said Miss Wright.

"We always knew it was going to be a challenge, but it was one that all the girls were up for. Captained by Arabella Kennaird-Melling the girls made a really positive and strong start in the rainy conditions.

"Beatrice Hughes and Daisy Brough made some beautiful connections on the right hand side of the pitch and they linked up really well. Tenacious play came from Phoebe in the midfield and she held some wonderful spaces.

"Exeter managed to transfer the ball up to the attacking D a number of times and the score line does not reflect the attacking play Exeter had. Lastly we welcomed back Caitlin Ampleford to the pitch in goal after half a term out due to injury- it was great to have you back!

"Well done to all involved."

Thursday 8 November

U9A v Blundell's Prep - won 2 - 0

"The Upper One girls travelled to Tiverton with excitement and anticipation for a fun and tough match v Blundell's," said Miss Wright.

"The team was captained by Grace Golsworthy who played really well in the midfield scoring 1 of the 2 goals. Some brilliant play came from defence, with balls being passed up the pitch with power and direction, coming from Isobel Cann.

"As a team we looked strong and maintained a lot of possession throughout the game. We looked most effective when we used the width and some brilliant balls were sent out to Thea Rochester who was able to utilise the ball in the attacking zones. A second goal went in after 1/2 time to seal the 2-0 score line.

"I am exceptionally proud of how much this team have improved this term and we looked like a great group of girls who have plenty of strength and depth in the squad!"

U8A v Blundell's Prep - lost 1 - 3

"After a rocky start letting two early goals in, they kept on fighting back," said Miss Johannson.

"As captain, Isabelle Johnson said “we can’t give up”. Assisted by Isla Gray, Mollie Jenner learnt that being a high forward was rather fun as she scored a lovely goal.

"Despite the close loss of 1 - 3, I was thoroughly impressed by the skills and determination showed by all, especially that of Chloe Jenkins who showed very promising attitude throughout."

House Football

This week saw the concluding round of the House Football competition with all the boys from Upper Two pitting their wits against each other.

"All the matches were played in a great spirit, with plenty of endeavour on display by all four teams and no small amount of skill!" said Mr Ashman.

"Blake was the outstanding team, gaining a crucial 1 – 0 win over Scott to ensure that they picked up the 8 points on offer to the winning team in this event.”

The final table is as follows; the points in brackets will be added to the Lower Two competition to find the overall winner, which will be announced in Final Assembly.

• Blake 9 Pts (8)
• Scott 8 Pts (6)
• Gilbert 5 Pts (4)
• Grenville 3 Pts (2)