Week commencing 3 December 2018

Week commencing 3 December 2018


Friday 30 November

U11B v Trinity School -  won 45 – 25 (George Gillingham 3, Sam Benzimra 2, Oliver Rochester, Aidy Wilson, Tobi Lutke-Schipolt, Joshua Hwang)

"In the last rugby fixture of the term, our U11B team made the short journey to play Trinity School," said Mr Pote.

"After a fairly torrid week weather wise, we were lucky to have ideal playing conditions to put to right some development areas that had been highlighted during previous rugby training sessions.

"Although a fixture that allowed for a number of outstanding individual performances to be highlighted, it was truly as a group that the boys excelled. Playing a 40-minute match allowed the team to build and develop their communication skills, with a number of players taking responsibility for calling the attacking and defensive line into position. This made for a very effective all round team performance.

"In defence, we showed some genuine heart and determination in the latter parts of the game, after a first half where, due to a lack of concentration, we allowed Trinity to play their way back into the game after some early scores. Attacking wise, although we strategically made use of our strong ball carriers, it was great to see some fast hands being used, allowing the ball to ‘do the work’, culminating in some very classy tries being scored.

"As a coaching team, myself and Mr Ashman could not have been happier and more proud to accompany the team and were genuinely impressed when the team showed their understanding of the coaching points discussed, implementing them throughout the game.

"Well done and thank you for an enjoyable season. It was very pleasing that the boys were finally rewarded after a few bruising encounters earlier in the term!"

Thursday 6 December

U9A v St Peter’s Prep - won 20 – 15 (Tries: Oliver Lister (2), Reuben Tucker (1) and William Ahmad (1))

"This was the perfect match to finish the hugely successful U9A season," said Mr Pidwell. This match is always a hotly contested local derby, with St Peter's always providing a very well drilled, powerful opposition.

"The match was very close, with both teams showing great heart. In the end, Exeter’s extra passing and willingness to “let the ball do the work” made the difference. Captain Oliver Lister again played and led extremely well, as did Vice Captain, Reuben Tucker."

Oliver and Reuben said: “Willam Ahmad scored a great try and passed really well.”

Theo Lawrence ran well, tackled well and passed well. Matthew Cooper, playing for the A team for the first time, did some very good passing and running with the ball in two hands.

Zac Dunstan had good positional play and passed well. Finlay Murray was very disciplined guarding the wing, driving players into touch and guiding the opposition to the centre.”

Lochie Hughes tackled strongly, often saving tries by the opposition’s strongest player. James Bloor was again very disciplined, ran well, passed unselfishly and tackled ferociously.”

"I was delighted with the team’s performance and it was indeed the perfect way to the end the season," said Mr Pidwell.

"Well done, to all the boys who have played for the U9A team. A great season full of player development, enjoyment, hard work and great fun - and winning lots of matches!"

U9B v St Peter’s Prep - lost 35 – 60 (Joseph Lomas 3, Mitchell Harreld 3, John Pugh)

"This was a very enjoyable last match of the season for the U9Bs," said Mr Ashman.

"We played Tag Rugby, as our opposition contained a number of very nippy, agile U8s. Under RFU regulations, this necessitates that we had to play the format most suited to the younger age group. Having said that, if one prefers a running, handling format rather than a ‘burrowing through a pile of bodies’ format, Tag Rugby works very well for the more attractive version of the game!

"We got off to a slow start, partly due to the fact that we simply couldn’t catch, let alone tag, some of the opposition! However, our line organisation improved dramatically in the second third and we pulled things round, ending up only one try behind. Unfortunately, our opponents scored five more tries in the final third to win by twenty-five points.

"Once again, it was a great learning experience for all the boys. Joseph Lomas and Mitchell Harreld held things together for us, but I was really impressed with the likes of Nathan Masters, John Pugh and Danny Rowe, who have made great strides over the term."

Girls' Hockey

Friday 30 November

Devon Tournament

U11A v Horrabridge - lost 0 - 1

U11A v St Peter's Prep - drew 0 - 0

U11A v Blundell’s - lost 0 - 1

U11A v Plymouth Prep - won 2 - 0

U11A v West Buckland - won 1 - 0

"The U11A team travelled to Plymouth University to play in the Devon Tournament," said Miss Wright.

"The sun was shining, and we were all looking forward to a day full of hockey. Our first game was against Horrabridge school and after a high paced warm up, the girls were raring to go! However after a competitive start to the game, with some strong tackling and distribution skills from Charlotte Greenwood, Exeter lost concentration for a moment, which resulted in conceding a goal.

"We moved onto our second game, still with a positive mind-set. Some lovely play came from Tess Hughes and Yasmin Tucker up front, which created a number of chances in front of goal. Unfortunately, however, Exeter were unable to capitalise on this.

"It was onto Blundell’s and it was a must win game to keep us in the competition. Rosie Batchelor played exceptionally well, soaking up a lot of pressure from the opposition. Unfortunately Blundell’s pace and skill was too much for Exeter and the result was a 1-0 loss.

"In the Plymouth game Grace Lister and Freya Kotting played brilliantly on the left hand side of the pitch. Emma Barton enjoyed and excelled in her position as defence which contributed to the 2-0 win.

"The last game was against West Buckland and Megan Roberts, remembering what we did in training, ran to the baseline and passed the ball to Yasmin Brown who was on the penalty spot, shot and scored!"

Captain Rosie Batchelor said about the day:

“The team took a while to settle into the tournament but we had some amazing play, from defence to midfield, to the forward lines. Rosie Selley in goal had to make some hard saves throughout. Overall there was a lot of the pressure on the girls and all of them coped really well with it.”

"Well done to the team, it was a fantastic day and a lot was learnt from the experience. What a great season - it has been a pleasure to work alongside you," said Miss Wright

Wednesday 5 December

U11A v St Peter’s Prep - lost 0 - 5

U11B v St Peter’s Prep - lost 1 - 5

"Captained by midfielder Esme Hobbs, the A team got off to a good start v St Peter's," said Miss Wright.

"Some strong tackling came from Lydia McLeod and Lucy Netherton in the first half to keep St Peter's down to 0 - 1. The team tried to fight off the speed and strength of St Peter's, but there were too much of a force to reckon with.

"Caitlin Ampleford was voted player of the match from the opposition and she made some outstanding saves, similar saves to her hero Maddie Hinch! Well done to all of the girls for playing with grit and determination throughout the whole game."

"The team were delighted that the match was not cancelled due to the weather and the girls were able to play hard in their last Upper Two game for the season," said Miss Wright.

"Martha Herniman enjoyed playing in defence, being in some good positions. Arabella Kennaird-Melling and Ella Fowler took to their midfield postions really well making some excellent passes up the pitch.

"Congratulations to Minti Gorne for scorning an excellent, hard fought for, goal! The star of the day went to Milly Traylor who played exceptionally well in the midfield creating so many attacking opportunities. The team worked really hard, right to the end and they all should be proud of their performance."

Thursday 6 December

U9A v St Peter’s Prep - lost 0 - 9

"The U9A team were captained by Jenna Ward and the team had a really positive and high intensity warm up," said Miss Wright.

"We honoured St Peter's request to have no goal keepers, despite plenty of keen volunteers in school.

"Right from the word go, Exeter School’s defenders were put under pressure but Evie Handley and Anna Brookes-Ferrari made some excellent goal scoring saves throughout the game. Rose Batty was voted player of the match and she worked tirelessly in the midfield and as a forward trying to play the ball up the pitch into Exeter’s attacking zones.

"Exeter had numerous occasions when the ball was in our attacking D and chances to score, some of these opportunities were created by Arabella Greenwood, bus sadly we were not able to covert due to St Peter’s excellent defending skills.

"When we had our team talk at the end, when asked, all the team put their hands up expressing that they enjoyed the match. Well done girls, some really nice hockey was played, we just struggled to keep out a strong attacking St Peter’s side."

U9B v St Peter’s Prep - drew 1 - 1

Wednesday 5 December


U11 ESFA Danone Cup Tournament

EJS v Wynstream ‘A’ – won 1 - 0 (Tom Byrne)
EJS v Montgomery ‘A’ – won 1 – 0 (Jack Wills)
EJS v Bowhill – drew 0 – 0
EJS v Redhills ‘B’ – won 5 – 1 (Tom Byrne (2), Jack Wills, Rupert Murray, Alex Raichura)
EJS v Wynstream ‘B’ – won 1 – 0 (Tom Byrne)
EJS v Redhills ‘A’ – won 1 – 0 (Jack Wills)
EJS v Tedburn – won 4 – 0 (Tom Byrne (4))
EJS v Montgomery ‘B’ – won 2 – 0 (Tom Byrne)

EJS won the tournament and progress to the Devon County Finals, which will take place in the spring term.

“As is hopefully clear from the results above, the U11 football team had an outstanding evening of quick-fire, 8 minute matches in the ESFA Danone Cup at West Exe School on Wednesday night," said Mr Wood.

"Coached successfully by Mr Buckingham, who could teach Jose Mourinho a thing or two about squad rotation, and led maturely by captain Tom Byrne, the boys stood up extremely well to some talented and physical teams from several of the local primary schools, and emerged as clear winners of the tournament, having scored 15 goals and conceded only 1.

"A lot of credit for this must go to a great performance from our goalie, William McLeod, who was rock solid in every match, coupled with some hugely impressive midfield/forward play from Tom Byrne and Jack Wills in particular.

"Defensively, Alex Vosper and George Gillingham showed good positional awareness and snuffed out many of the opposition attacks before they could get a shot off. Needless to say, the full squad was utilised to good effect over the 8 matches they played, and every individual did their bit with committed performances in all areas of the pitch. The team will now progress to the Devon County Finals, which will take place in the spring Term.We wish them well!”