Week commencing 19 November 2018

Week commencing 19 November 2018


Friday 16 November

U11A v Blundell’s Prep - lost 10 - 20

Tries: Tom Byrne (2)

"This proved to be a very tough match," said Mr Pidwell.

"The visitors were drilled, keen and eager. Blundell’s were the first team to score, a very quick boy snaking through the Exeter defence.

"The U11A team then pulled one back and it looked like anyone’s game. The U11A team experienced some bad luck when key player Alex Vosper had to be taken off with a bleeding gum.

"Blundell’s then proceeded to run in two more tries. The U11A team came back with a never say die attitude and defended heroically. Blundell’s scored again, looking to finish off the game. Tom Byrne had other ideas; scoring a lovely try down the left wing.

"In the end, Blundell’s were worthy winners but I was immensely proud of how hard Exeter fought. Taking their lead from fearless Captain Rory, all the boys battled to the end.

"The boys learned a lot. Well done, to the whole team."

Saturday 17 November

U9A: Blundell's Prep U9 Festival

U9A v Exeter Cathedral - won 5 – 3

U9A v West Buckland - won 7 – 3

U9A v Taunton - drew 4 – 4

U9A v Queen's Taunton - won 5 – 4

U9A v Plymouth College - lost 1 – 2

U9A v Wellington - won 7 – 5

U9A v Blundell’s - won 5 – 2

"After a grey rather dismal start to the weather, this particular Saturday morning’s rugby proved to be a real 'scorcher'," said Mr Pidwell.

"The boys looked determined, keen and full of beans right from the start. Warm ups and training went well and the boys leaped into their first matches against some very good teams.

"A tough game against Wellington saw the U9A team emerge eventual winners. This set the pattern for the rest of the morning. Lots of very hard, close fought matches with the U9As just proving themselves the better team in the end.

"There was a slight blip against Plymouth where the team lost a slightly hurried match. However the boys were soon back to their winning ways.

"The whole morning was crowned by a good win over a very brave Blundell’s side. This was very much a great team effort but Oliver Lister (Captain) and Reuben Tucker (Vice Captain) proved an inspirational management unit and really led by example.

"The whole team showed great skill and resilience. Most importantly the boys really enjoyed their rugby and developed their skills to another level. Well done, to the whole team.

"A fantastic morning of rugby with 84 minutes played."

Girls' Hockey

Friday 16 November

U11A v Queen's College - won 6 - 1

"The girls travelled up to Queen's College Taunton with much anticipation last Friday," said Miss Wright.

The game started well, but Exeter seemed to take a while to settled into the match. The score at half time was 1-1 which meant the team talk was important. The girls headed out onto the pitch with a spring in their step for the remainder of the game and the linking play looked fantastic between Rosie Batchelor, Megan Roberts and Yasmin Tucker.

"The team managed to utilize the space often getting in behind the defenders nicely. Some excellent skill from Yasmin Brown aided the team nicely to see them score goals number 4 and 5. Brilliant work rate from Freya Kotting kept the ball away from Exeter’s goal to make the final result 6-1."

U11C v Queen's College - lost 0 – 1

"This was a very competitive and hard fought fixture, with two committed teams contributing equally to a very worthwhile encounter," said Mr Ashman.

"The only difference was that Queen’s were marginally more clinical in the act of working the goalkeeper. I was very proud of the way our girls battled for possession and kept a good shape from start to finish.

"Milly Traylor worked particularly hard and Phoebe provided the creative flair to create any attacking openings; using the wider channels on a more regular basis will be a target for future matches.

"More importantly, and as anyone who loves team sport will testify, this game absolutely flew by, a clear indication that it was ‘worth the admission money’! For that, all seven of our girls deserve a huge amount of credit. Well done, ladies!"

U10A v Queen's College - lost 1 - 4

"The U10A team made the exciting trip up to Taunton to play Queen's College," said Miss Wright.

"Captained by Katie McMurray the team were ready to hit the ground running. Queen's came at Exeter with a very competitive and fast paced approach and they capitalised on their opportunities in the D.

Some excellent saves from Grace Stevenson kept the score to 4-0 at half time. The team had a really positive team talk and mentally we took the score back 0-0. This worked wonders for the team and gave them real fire in their tummies.

"Some excellent play and spacial awareness came from Lamorna May and Lucy Vosper eneded up seeing a goal being scored and in the second half Exeter won 1-0. Well done to defenders Emily Bishop and Evie Jenkins who worked hard to ensure the final result was 4-1.

"A lot learnt and taken forward from the match earlier in the week."

Saturday 17 November

U9A: Blundell's Prep U9 Festival

U9A v Wellington - won 4 - 0

U9A v Plymouth - won 1 - 0

U9A v ECS - drew 0 - 0

U9A v Queen' s - lost 0 - 1

"It was a lovely morning for the U9 Festival at Blundell's on Saturday," said Miss Wright.

"The team faced four other schools: Wellington School, Plymouth College, Exeter Cathedral School and Queen's College. The girls started off excellently against Wellington School, passing the ball with pace and finding the space really well. As a result the game ended up with a 4-0 win to Exeter thanks to some brilliant goal scoring from Captain Charlotte Wood.

"The team worked hard again against Plymouth College in our second game and continued to find space and make the most of opportunities in the attacking D. Henni Lutke-Schipolt made some brilliant saves throughout.

"As we moved into our third match, it was important that the team were able to retain possession and capitalise on chances created. Exeter counited to work really hard throughout the match and some excellent tackles were made by Grace Findlay to keep the score to 0-0.

"Lastly Exeter faced Queen's College and Grace Golsworthy worked relentlessly in the midfield, however it wasn't meant to be and the game ended in a 0-1 loss.

"Overall the festival was a brilliant occasion and the player of the morning from Exeter Junior School goes to Thea Rochester."