Week commencing 10 September 2018

Week commencing 10 September 2018


Thursday 13 September

St Peter's U9 Rugby Festival

EJS v Blundell’s B - won

EJS v Plymouth College - won

EJS v St Peter's Lympstone - won

EJS v Blundell’s A - lost

"This proved to be an excellent start to the rugby season," said Mr Pidwell.

"The boys learned a huge amount in a very short time. They all played with increasing skill and huge enthusiasm.

"Oliver Lister and Reuben Tucker carried the ball over to score many tries for their team. There were also fine tries from Finlay Murray, James Bloor, William Ahmad and Joseph Lomas. Theo Lawrence was the great try maker and defender, whilst John Pugh and James Biddick were effective at driving the opposition through narrow channels.

"Very well done to all the boys. Let’s hope we can do as well at contact. A very encouraging start."

U9B v Trinity School - lost 30 – 35 (Zac Dunstan 2, Mitchell Harreld, Matthew Cooper, Yi-Ren Wong, Reuben Turnbull Pomares)

"This was a fantastic learning experience for the boys," said Junior School Boys’ Games Coordinator Mr Ashman. "Due to the hard ground, Tag Rugby was the perfect format and the team improved substantially, as the game progressed.

"The handling was pretty good throughout, but the areas which progressed most were the support for the ball carrier and the ability to find space and not ‘run into traffic’.

"I was really impressed with how the group responded to the coaching advice after each of the quarters and I am looking forward to working with the boys again in their next Games session. Keep up the good work, lads!"

Girls' Hockey

Thursday 13 September

U9A St Peter's Prep Festival

"This was the first outing for the U9 team this year after a brilliant pre-season training session earlier in the term," said Junior School PE and Girls’ Games Coordinator Miss Wright.

"The first game of the tournament was against Queen's College and we got off to a fantastic start winning 2-0 with both Alice Kotting and Grace Golsworthy scoring one a piece. We were straight on again against a very strong and talented Exeter Cathedral School who came at the team with some force.

"After the first two games it was time to regroup and have a very cohesive team talk. The third game saw Exeter go up 1-0 very quickly against St Peter’s Prep school. The goal scorer was our newest edition to Exeter Junior School, Henni Lutke-Schipolt.

"After some very creative play unfortunately St Peter’s were able to fight back and we ended up losing narrowly 2-1. Our last game was against Blundell’s and all the team were fired up and ready to take them on. An early goal saw us take the lead quickly.

"The flow of the game was brilliant and the final result was 4-0 to Exeter. The goal scorers were Grace Golsworthy (3) and Charlotte Wood (1).

"Really well done to all of the team and thank you to Mrs Marsh who umpired. A brilliant start to the season!"


Thursday 13 September

U11A v Third Form - lost 3 – 4 (Tom Byrne 2, Jack Will)

"Having only had one session so far this term, the boys have had very little time to work on tactics and patterns of play," said Mr Ashman.

"Consequently, the focus was on levels of desire, resilience, determination and intensity. These are the basic ingredients, upon which can be added skill and game awareness over time. I have to say that in the former, the boys came through with flying colours.

"They played like team with a point to prove and blitzed their way into 3 – 0 lead inside the first 10 minutes. Where they went wrong was in not protecting their lead, thereby letting a very capable outfit pick them off, as they became increasingly tired.

"However, it bodes very well for the season ahead that, if they continue in the same vein, they won’t walk off the pitch too often having plenty still left in the tank!"

U11B v Third Form - lost 0 – 8

"The U11Bs put in a great shift and did not deserve to lose as heavily as they did," said Mr Buckingham.

"The score was a result of missed chances at one end and being caught out on the counter at the other. Some great saves from Third Form goalkeeper Toby Page denied our boys several goals and the team were very much caught in a midfield battle.

"Unfortunately, it was this thirst to grab a goal which cost us, as quite often we would be caught too far up field to get back and defend the counter attack with several Third Form players awaiting to capitalise at on any opportunity.

"Jake Dunstan put in a good shift in goal. In summary, there was a lot of good football from our team and, with work on taking our chances and maintaining our formation shape, the team is sure to progress."