Putting Geography into practice

Putting Geography into practice

Farmwise event

Upper One pupils enjoyed an exciting day at the Devon Farmwise event held at Westpoint Arena as part of their Geography learning on ‘Farming in Devon’.

The children were lucky enough to experience a range of different ‘hands-on’ and interactive activities within different zones. These zones included: Sheep, Cows, Pig, Dairy, Food, Fruit, Vegetable, Arable and Environmental.

Miss Robinson, Junior School Geography Coordinator, said this was a fantastic opportunity to deepen the children’s understanding about farming in Devon, to consolidate the learning that has already happened in the classroom and to gain new knowledge by experiencing things first hand.

The children witnessed how sausages are made, they watched a cow being milked and then got to taste milkshakes, they learnt about the different crops that are grown and what happens to them after they have been harvested. These are just a few examples of the many activities that the children experienced on the day.

Rose Batty said there was so much to do and to learn” “My favourite zone was the food section and we got to make bread.”

Oliver Lister said: “While I was in the fruit zone we got to make smoothies and the faster we peddled on the bike the quicker the blender went, it was so much fun.”

Alice Kotting said it was the best school trip she had ever been on!

Many thanks to Mr Bland, Mrs Turner, Mrs Parkin and Mrs Randerson for accompanying Upper One on their trip.