Inspired by art

Inspired by art

Junior School Art Club

Pupils attending after school art club have been very busy since the beginning of the autumn term.

Upper One pupils created the most stunning string art pieces. They had to choose their own subject, create a template, use tacks to create their outline and then carefully thread their designs. Art Coordinator Claire Handley said they were amazed with their results.

Form One Art Club started the second half of term with a much more wintery feel.

“We looked at the book, The Rainbow Bear by Michael Morpurgo and became inspired by the illustrations and the theme of polar bears,” said Mrs Handley.

“Firstly, we created some beautiful chalk pastel arctic landscapes and added our own silhouette polar bears, and then we had fun making some very cute sock polar bears!

Finally, the children created some chalk polar bears, working hard to create a realistic effect adding shadows and highlights.

“We have had lots of fun and been very impressed with the outcome.”