Fiftieth anniversary of Christingles

Fiftieth anniversary of Christingles

Exeter Junior School celebrates third Christingle service

The Junior School held a Christingle Service on the fiftieth anniversary of Christingles

This week the Junior School held its third annual Christingle service. It was particularly special this year as it is fifty years since the Children’s Society first introduced Christingle services.

The fun began on Wednesday afternoon after Christmas lunch when pupils made their Christingles. Everyone had brought in an orange, and with a bit of red tape, a candle in the top, four cocktail sticks with sweeties and dried fruit, we had around 200 Christingles ready for the service.

The service was held in Chapel on Thursday morning. The choir sang a beautiful anthem, Lullaby, which had been sung in the Carol Service on Tuesday.

Revd Tom and Mrs Marks worked together to explain the meaning of the Christingle orange. Revd Tom asked Mrs Marks if she knew the significance of each part, but unfortunately she kept on getting it wrong! Happily, our Junior School pupils knew a little better and were able to correct Mrs Marks: the orange represents the world which God made, the four cocktail sticks with sweeties are the gifts of God to the world, the candle represents God’s Son, Jesus, who came to the world to bring light and the red ribbon reminds us that Jesus died.

The service continued with a Christingle hymn and then all the Christingles were lit. There was a wonderful atmosphere in the Chapel as the lights went out and Revd Tom said a prayer, encouraging everyone to think about those children in need and how we might shine light in the darkness.

The Children Society work with vulnerable children and young adults who are in need. The Junior School raised £166.30 for the Children’s Society through our Christmas Jumper Day appeal (shared with Save the Children).

As children went to break time they enjoyed eating the sweets on their Christingles…