Enriched with wordless literature

Enriched with wordless literature

Comets Club

Both Comets Club and our team of pupil librarians were treated to an enrichment session, with our School Library Service Advisor, Nicola Cowling, on Thursday 11 October.

The session began with Ms Cowling explaining how, unlike in medieval times, books are not hand written. Since the invention of the printing press, each copy of a book is an exact replica of the original. The question that was posed to us was: ‘If we each have identical copies of the same edition of a story do you agree that we all read the same story?’

Browsing through an array of beautiful wordless books, we discovered that our life experiences, knowledge, personalities, emotional responses and sense of humour, all altered our interpretations. We were making connections with the books and everything we experience brings something new to our understanding.

In particular, we enjoyed looking at a wordless book nominated for the Greenaway Award, Footpath Flowers by Jon Arno Lawson. We were analysing and asking questions about what we were seeing, finding that we were compelled to keep returning to reassess previous pages.

Arabella Kennaird Melling (U2G) said: “I feel different about wordless books now – they can be even more interesting than books with words but you have to give them time.”

Reading Development Coordinator Leah Hardy said: “Our pupils enjoyed this visual literacy task and were extremely observant and reflective when looking for clues in the pictures.

“These books make us stop and think and generated reflective discussion and sharing of fascinating viewpoints.

“We now have some class sets of wordless books to explore in Library Club over the next few weeks. This group of pupils decided they would recommend wordless books to other pupils, as there is much scope for discussion and exploration of the visual imagery.

“Do pop into the library to inspect the wordless books we have.”