Week commencing 27 November 2017

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Week commencing 27 November 2017

Girls' Hockey

Saturday 25 November

U12A and B and U13A and B triangular v Reigate and Queen's

U12A v Reigate - lost 1 - 3

U12B v Reigate - lost 0 - 2

U12A v Queen’s - won 4 - 1

U12B v Queen's - drew 2 - 2

U13A v Reigate - drew 1 - 1

U13A v Queen's - lost 2 - 6

U13B v Reigate - lost 0 - 3

U13B v Queen's - drew 0 - 0 
2nd XI v Queen's College - lost 0 - 1

3rd XI v Queen's College - won 1 - 0

U15 XIA v Queen's College - lost 0 - 1

U14 XIA v Queen's College - won 2 - 0

Tuesday 28 November

U15A XI v Maynard - lost 0 - 1

Wednesday 29 November

2nd XI v Plymouth College - won 4 - 1

1st XI v Maynard - won 3 - 0

Thursday 30 November

U15A XI v Plymouth College - won 2 - 1

1st XI v Queen's College - lost 0 - 4


Saturday 25 November

Taunton School results:

1st XV v Taunton School - won 17 – 7

2nd XV v Taunton School - lost 7 – 35

U16 XV v Taunton School - lost 5 – 26

U15A XV v Taunton School - won 31 – 27

U15B XV v Taunton School - drew 19 – 19

U12A XV v Taunton School - won 40 – 10

U12B XV v Taunton School - won 30 – 10

"This was an excellent day for Exeter School rugby across the teams with some outstanding performances," said Mr Ross.

"The U12s started the day off with two confident displays that demonstrated the progression that they are continuing to make as they are pushed with how they aim to play. At home the U15A team again turned over a result from last year with a come from behind victory displaying the resilience they have built this year as a squad.

"The U15B team bounced back from last week’s game to earn a well fought draw. At Taunton, the 1st XV continued their excellent form demonstrating the lessons they have learnt over a hard season.

"Taking an early lead, they were forced to battle hard to stay in the game and finished the stronger of the two teams with their superior fitness coming through. The 2nd XV were once again up against a big, physical side and struggled to cope in the first half. However, after the break Mr Trelawny’s words inspired them on for a draw in the second half.

"The U16s were up against Taunton’s strongest side and frustrated them reaching the break with the score locked at 5 – 5. Unfortunately, a few injuries after such commitment eventually saw Taunton pull away but a closer game than last year showing the gap closing."

Wednesday 29 November

2nd XV v Exeter College 3rd XV - lost 14 – 36

"This was always going to be a tough game for the 2nd XV with the immediate notice that the forwards alone were giving almost 2 stone per player to the opposition!" said Mr Ross.

"However, undeterred by the size discrepancy the Exeter School players played with full commitment putting in a huge amount of tackles and disrupting the College play.

"In the second half there was a noticeable improvement in the structure of defence and more phases in attack which led to a close contest, Ben Hayes and Henry Salisbury both scoring good tries that were converted brilliantly by captain Simon Priddle. There was a lot to be proud of and Mr Trelawny’s men can go in to their final game of the season full of confidence in their ability and finish with a flourish."

Cross Country

Wednesday 29 November

Junior Exeter Area v East Devon

Year 7 Girls – Elizabeth Doherty – 10th

Junior Boys – Olly Capps – 1st

Toby Collins – 13th

Tom Gray – 14th

Senior Boys – Will Rutland – 7th

Congratulations to these pupils who have been selected for the Devon Schools Championships on 20 January at Stover School.


Wednesday 29 November

1st XI v King's Taunton - won 3 – 2 (Rupert Harris, Ben Abrahams, Archie Harris)

Mr Ashman said this was a hugely encouraging result against a King’s College, Taunton Development Squad, containing a number of next term’s potential 1st XI players.

"After a very encouraging performance in the last game at the The Woodroffe School, we went into this game with more confidence than any other played this term," said Mr Ashman.

"Ultimately, good performances will bring about favourable results. We made a solid start and Rupert Harris gave us the lead, before a sloppy equaliser made things level at the break. A very productive spell of play after the break gave us a 3 -1 lead with further goals from Ben Abrahams and Archie Harris.

"We lost control for the last 15 minutes, but dogged defending ensured victory, in spite of a late scare, when King’s scored a second. A special mention should go to our keeper, James Horler, who was very decisive and showed the way for the rest of the team in terms of consistency within a performance.

"It was most gratifying to get a win under our belts, as we look forward to our historic first home match (on grass!) against Shebbear on 17 January."


Wednesday 29 November

U15 & U13 Girls v QES 

U13 - lost 55 - 58

U15 - lost 44 - 74