Week commencing 20 November 2017

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Week commencing 20 November 2017


Friday 17 November

The U13 boys tennis team (Matthew, Zac, Callum and Sam) played in the Year 7 and 8 Boys Division 1 GB South West Regional Finals on Friday.

Miss Carter said the team was one of the final 16 teams in Great Britain remaining in the event.

"They beat Stanwell school in the first round making it through to the final against Millfield," she said.

"The boys played some superb tennis, but unfortunately narrowly lost. A fantastic achievement for all involved, qualifying to the final makes them one of the top 8 teams in the country."

Girls' Hockey

Saturday 18 November

2nd XI v King's Taunton - lost 0 - 3

3rd XI v King's Taunton - lost 0 - 1

U15XI v King's Taunton -  lost 0 - 2

U14XI v King's Taunton - won 1 - 0

Tuesday 21 November

U14/U15B v Bramdean - drew 1 - 1

U13 VII v County Mini Hockey Finals

U13A v West Buckland - drew 0 - 0

U13A v Sidmouth - won 2 - 1

U13A v Maynard - won 1 - 0

U13A v Mount Kelly - drew 1 - 1

U13A v Colyton - drew 0 - 0

The U13A team came third in the group.

U13B v King's Ottery - lost 0 - 1

U13B v Blundell's - lost 0 - 3

U13B v St Peter's - drew 0 - 0

U13B v Tiverton High School - won 2 - 0

U13B v Plymouth College - lost 0 - 2

U14A XI v King's Ottery - won 7 - 0

Wednesday 22 November

U18 1st XI v Colyton - won 3 - 0


Saturday 18 November

1st XV v King's Taunton - won 21 – 7

2nd XV v King's Taunton - lost 7 - 34

U16A XV v King's Taunton - lost 24 – 26

U15A XV v King's Taunton - lost 5 – 38

U15B XV v King's Taunton - lost 7 – 54

U14A XV v King's Taunton - lost 0 – 55


Wednesday 22 November

1st XI v Woodroffe School - lost 1 – 2 (Rupert Harris)

"Defeat with the last kick of the game is always a bitter pill to swallow, particularly when your side has taken the lead at the start of the second half," said Mr Ashman.

"However, this was just one of those many occasions, when the wider picture needs to be looked at. The fact was that our performance, in so many respects, showed a massive improvement from the previous two games; we are starting to look like a ‘proper outfit’!

"We were sharp to the ball, kept our shape superbly and passed the ball with purpose and precision. Added to that, we were robust in our play and created some decent chances. There is a genuine togetherness developing in this group, which bodes really well for the rest of the season.

"The continued input of our Catalan coach from Exeter City, Dom Duesa, is continuing to have a very positive impact and the shared message from both coaches takes me back to the halcyon days of Brian Clough and Peter Taylor in the East Midlands in the 1970s!

"More importantly, if the team continues to progress as well in the weeks ahead, as it has in the past fortnight, there will be some bright days over the horizon!"


Wednesday 22 November

U18 v Mount Kelly

Thursday 23 November

U15 and U17 National Championship Squash Match v Truro College

The U17 played their first National Championships squash match against Truro School this Thursday and some familiar faces made an appearance back on court.

"James Horler, Max Cockram, Tom Peters, Sam Read and Eddy Lister all played phenomenally well and won all their matches 5 - 0," said Mrs Coe.

"It was particularly great to watch Tom battle out a back breaking 5 games to win the match against his strong opponent; both boys looked happily exhausted. Thanks to all the players for their dedication and time."

The U15 squash team played their first National Championships match side by side with the U17 team also against Truro School.

"Thanks to some brilliant play from Devina Gandhi, Bobby Heard, Charlie Hill, Elliott Barnes and Hector McKinnel any spectators had a wonderful show," said Mrs Coe.

"Frustratingly, despite some amazing gravity defying shots the U15 team did not manage to steal a victory from Truro School, losing 0 - 5. It perhaps might have had something to do with two of their players being third and 14th in the country for their age category.

"Hopefully, in our away match we can improve our form and see what happens next. Thanks to the U15 team for their hard work and effort."