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Inspirational jazz

Leeds College of Music Jazz Day

The Music department was delighted to welcome tutors and students from the Leeds College of Music for our first Jazz Day on Tuesday.

Coinciding with mufti day, the relaxed style was echoed by the music made during the four workshop sessions and evening performance.

Around 55 pupils from Exeter School participated in Big Band and smaller group sessions, and were joined by more than 30 pupils from Bramdean, St. Peter’s Prep and St. Peter’s, Exeter. Pupils had the opportunity to play some classic jazz songs, use their listening skills to repeat phrases, learnt about various jazz scales, improvised solos into the mic and had fun changing the tempo within their sections in Blue Monk.

The evening concert enabled pupils and parents to hear the four LCM musicians in action, and also provided Exeter pupils who play in Swunkette and Swunk with the opportunity to jam with professional players.

Director of Music, Mr Tamblyn, was delighted with the day: “There was a real buzz in the Music department as the pupils were able to experiment within a practical jazz session, and were introduced to some more of the theory behind jazz improvisation and harmony.

“We were very pleased to welcome pupils from other local schools to join in the sessions and benefit from the expertise of the Leeds musicians.”

It is a busy time for music, with the next performance being the Informal String concert on Wednesday 29 November at 4pm in the Music Hall.