How do you build a sculpture from negative space?

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How do you build a sculpture from negative space?

Art inspires Catalyst Club

The first Catalyst Club of the year was hosted by the Art department and was well attended by pupils in the Third to Lower Fifth Form. The first part of the session involved the pupils drawing a selection of negative space shapes that they had identified in a complex mechanical installation in the Senior School Art Gallery. On return to the Studio, the pupils were challenged to create card sculptures from their bank of shapes using the slotting technique. Pupils also had to decide which of their shapes they would like to be the main feature by using red card as the accent colour.

In the second half of the session, the pupils were challenged to work in pairs and combine their two sculptures into one form; this required them to communicate effectively and adapt their compositions so that the outcome was both balanced and visually interesting. At the end of the session, the pupils lit their sculptures in the Gallery and took photographs of their abstract creations using the digital SLR camera.

Head of Art, Mrs Escott, said: “We were impressed by their enthusiasm for the task and their level of perseverance. The session highlighted how the creative journey is just as important as the final product. The pupils worked really well together and certainly rose to the challenge!”