Four weekends of bonding for the Third Form

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Four weekends of bonding for the Third Form

Final Pixies Holt weekend

The final weekend of Pixies Holt 2017 was attended by an excited and enthusiastic 3D.

Activities started on Friday night with Revd Tom's balloon chair making, tested by a nervous Mr Hyde and with varying degrees of success before a chance to wind down from the week with some mindfulness led by Mrs Fairweather.

On Saturday pupils enjoyed a walk from Haytor to Hound Tor in soggy conditions as well as climbing and weasling at Hound Tor. The order of the day from the Hound of the Basketmeals was hot chocolate. The evening activities continued in exciting fashion with unbelievable balance and flexibility displayed in the cereal box game, style and creativity in the newspaper fashion show and some rather shaky knowledge in the 3D general knowledge quiz.

The Sunday morning walk on Bellever Tor was rather more wet, but the form remained cheerful as they listened to a variety of tall tales about different parts of the route’s history - Mr Bell proving impossible to decipher truth or lie!

3D returned to Exeter School on Sunday afternoon exhausted but happy and with many new friendships having been formed.