Exeter Junior School takes on the challenge

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Exeter Junior School takes on the challenge

Primary Maths Challenge 2017

Pupils from Upper Two, Lower Two and a small group from Upper One enjoyed the challenge of solving a variety of interesting problems in the Primary Maths Challenge.

This year, twelve pupils achieved an outstanding Gold Certificate, 32 pupils achieved a super Silver Certificate and twenty-three pupils achieved a brilliant Bronze Certificate.

Congratulations go to Emily Ahmad (U2G), Toby Capps (U2P), Henry Cann (U2G), Connie Croft (U2G), Amy Dennis (U2G), Patrick Eveling (U2A), Sidney Gentle (U2G), Toby Page (U2P), Alex Raichura (L2P), Phoebe Redfern (U2A), Matthew Roberts (U2A) and Connor Simpson (U2G) on their Gold certificates.

Maths Coordinator Jacquie Barnes congratulated all 98 pupils who took part in this year’s National Primary Maths Challenge.

“This was also very much about taking part in a National Challenge and looking at maths from a different angle, so all pupils who took part but did not achieve a Gold, Silver or Bronze this time, were presented with a Taking Part Certificate,” she said.

“Well done to all of you and thank you to Mrs Goldsworthy and Miss Robinson for their hard work in helping this event take place.”

We will wait to see if our highest scorers are invited to take part in the Bonus Round Final in February 2018.