Come rain or shine!

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Come rain or shine!

Army Summer Camp

17 cadets, from all year groups, departed Exeter School for the wilds of South Wales to partake in the CCF Central Camp run by the cadet training team for Wales on 15 July.

The week began with a contingent training day were cadets were given the opportunity to experience paddling boarding off the Pembroke coast and quad biking in the Welsh countryside.

The following day we started the training week with watermanship training at Sealyham Lake, observed by the visiting headmaster, which involved being taught how to lash beams and barrels in order to build an improvised raft to traverse a course in competition with other rafts; this proved to be an exciting event as after a certain point on the course piracy and sabotage were allowed! Cadets were also introduced to working as team to control a small landing craft powered both by hand and by outboard motor. That evening the cadets were given the opportunity to have a go at clay pigeon shooting with Evans Evans proving to be a good shot hitting 5 out of 6 clays.

Tuesday was range day, cadets were given the opportunity to fire the Cadet L98A2 weapon system live on the range and experience firing the Light Support Weapon machine gun. There was some excellent shooting during the day; all cadets passed the cadet rifle proficiency shoot with 9 being awarded 1st Class and Cadets Tom Aldridge, Charlie Wrey, Tom Barlow and Oscar Stewart being awarded Marksman. They were presented with their badges by the Camp OC and the final debrief.

Wednesday was Adventure Training Day which gave cadets the opportunity to rock climb outdoors and to kayak on Sealyham Lake, this was a relaxed day and thoroughly enjoyed by the cadets. The evening saw cadets having a go at archery under the watchful eye of the Camp RSM.

Thursday and Friday was the highlight of the week, and much anticipated by the cadets, the overnight exercise. We deployed to Pembrey Sands training area on the morning of Thursday 20th and carried a 2.5km patrol into the Harbour area where we set up camp using Bashas and cadets had their first taste of Army Operational Ration Packs for lunch. The afternoon saw the section spilt into 2 groups with the younger cadets being instructed and practiced in the skills of fire and manoeuvre and section attacks and the senior cadets carrying out an advance to contact before carrying out a covert recce for the night ambush which they then proceeded to plan. That evening, after the evening meal, cadets were given orders for the ambush under the watchful eye of members of the cadet training team before carrying out rehearsals prior to embarking on the ambush patrol after dark. The patrol was a complete success with the enemy being quickly put to rout. The weather had been kind all week but shortly before our return to the harbour area the heavens opened and it then rained constantly until lunchtime on Friday.

After completing post exercise admin and packing to go home an internal camp debrief took place and the following were promoted To Corporal Tom Wright, Izzy Stylianides, Freddie Herring, Patrick Gilbert and Tom Barlow and to LCpl Andrew Donovan, Harry Emmett, Dominic Reay, Oscar Stewart, Archie Tamblyn, Magnus Threadingham, Fin Morgan and Evan Evans; congratulations to them.