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An inspiring challenge

Alumni Art Competition 2017

The 2017 Alumni Art Competition for Middle Fifth pupils studying Art GCSE was an inspiring challenge. Their task was to produce an image celebrating twenty years of co-education using any type of media. The winning design will be made into a notelet for the Alumni Office. Other designs will illustrate school publications and be displayed around the School.

This year the judges were very impressed both by the variety of different methods used and by the innovative ways of depicting the theme of co-education. There were seven prizewinning designs and five highly commended. The prizewinners were presented with Amazon vouchers in the final assembly of term.

Overall winner (1) = Naomi Gill (pencil and watercolour)

Second Place (2) = Eva Casey (tonal pencil and watercolour paint), and Rachel Hammond (watercolour, pencil and papercut silhouettes)

Third Place (3) = Emma Halford (collage and tonal pencil), Kyla Quinn (watercolour pencil and ink) and Isobel Tremlett (pencil and fine line pen)

Special prize for co-educational logo design = Ollie Jackson (acrylic)

The following pupils were highly commended: Harriet Brimacombe (pencil), Nicky Crighton (watercolour and ink), Alfie Greenham (pencil), Thea Purser (collage and acrylic) and Florence Wilson (acrylic).