Farming in Devon

Farming in Devon

Farmwise 2017 event

Upper One pupils enjoyed an action packed visit to the Devon Farmwise event held at Westpoint Arena this Tuesday as part of their Geography learning, ‘Farming in Devon’.

The children followed a varied programme of 'hands-on', interactive activities taking place in themed zones such as dairy, arable, environment, vegetables, sheep, fruit and seeds and pigs. The pupils were able to ask questions to the farmers and to use the resources at hand to learn about different types of farming in Devon.

Miss Robinson and Mr Bland were particularly impressed by the pupils' engagement throughout the day and would like to thank Mrs Randerson and Mr Shepherd for accompanying Upper One on their trip.

James O’Connell said he had a great day and all the rangers were very kind, allowing them to touch the animals and the resources.

“I didn’t realise how long it took for some of the vegetables to grow! “ said Beatrice Hughes. “I learnt that a swede takes from spring to winter to grow.”

Toby Donegan enjoyed watching the sausages being made. “I had no idea that they used intestines as the case for the sausages!” he said.