Old Exonian Club

Old Exonian Club

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The Old Exonian Club was founded in 1891, and constituted with a President, Treasurer, Secretary, and a committee structure. Its original stated purpose was to hold an annual dinner, arrange sports fixtures against the School, support and contribute to the Exonian magazine, and to hold smoking concerts. 

What are the aims of the Old Exonian Club?
The Old Exonian Club exists today to foster and maintain the dignity, traditions and well-being of the School and, to ensure its continuing success and prosperity, and to maintain contacts with Old Exonians at home and overseas, working alongside the Governors, the Headmaster and the School Alumni Office.

Membership of the Old Exonian Club
Today, all pupils become members of the Old Exonian Club at the end of the term in which they leave the School.  Before the 1980s, pupils were invited to the Club during the term after they had left. Teachers and support staff who leave the School are also invited to join the Old Exonian Club.

The School maintains records of Old Exonians. Those wishing to update their contact details or add their email address should contact the alumnisec@exeterschool.org.uk

What does the Old Exonian Club do today?

The Old Exonian Club organises the Annual Reunion Dinner on a Saturday evening in September at Exeter School, alongside activities arranged by the School which take place throughout the day. A number of annual sports events take place, with matches against School teams in Football, Hockey, Netball, Cricket Tennis, and a shooting competition, and cross country race. An annual Golf day is run each year in April at a local Golf club. The OE Club maintains the extensive School Archive whose records span over 150 years of School history.

Exeter School's Alumni Office works closely with the Officers of the Old Exonian Club and provides administrative support for its activities, particularly the annual Old Exonian Day and Dinner and the sports events.

Members can contact the Old Exonian Club by email to secretary@oldexonianclub.org or by post:
Old Exonian Club
c/o The Alumni Office, Exeter School, Victoria Park Road, Exeter, EX2 4NS