Music Scholarships

Music Scholarships

For candidates at 13+ or 16+ applying for 2019 entry

Music Scholarships are listed in the current issue of the Admissions Information leaflet. In addition, Music exhibitions which assist with the cost of instrumental lessons may be awarded. Applicants may also apply for a Bursary, if appropriate. The Sammy Sargent Music Scholarship, the top award, is available to entrants at both ages.

All music awards are conditional on the applicant having passed the 13+ entrance examination or Sixth Form interview.

Music scholarship auditions will take place on Friday 25 January 2019, and each audition takes about half an hour. As a guide, the requirements for one or more instruments are:

1. Two pieces of the pupil’s own choice.

2. To play and/or sing at sight.

3. Aural tests of a standard to match the pupil's experience.

A Sammy Sargent Scholar will be an outstanding musician with great potential, normally playing at least Grade 5 pieces at the age of 13 and Grade 7 pieces at 16 on one instrument, but this depends upon the examination board, the instrument and how long the applicant has been playing for.

The key thing we are looking for from all award holders is potential and we are keen to hear pupils of lower grades who play musically and come highly recommended. Applicants offering two instruments or singing as a second instrument should prepare one piece on the second instrument.

Orchestral musicians, especially string players, are particularly encouraged to apply.

There is an additional award exclusively for those pupils who wish to play the organ, and current organists or pianists who wish to take up the organ are encouraged to apply.

Pupils to whom the Scholarships are awarded need to display real musical talent and a keenness for the subject which will enable them to take a leading part in the musical life of Exeter School, so providing the nucleus of these activities. Music awards are granted on condition that the holders continue to contribute to the musical life of the School.

The value of the Sammy Sargent Music Scholarship is 25% remission against school fees.

Applications may be made by returning to the school:

Deadline for applications: Friday 11 January 2019.

The forms can be downloaded in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to open them. Please click the link on the right to download Reader for installation on your computer.