Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships and Bursaries

Exeter School scholarships and awards

Exeter School aims to be as accessible as possible to boys and girls who would benefit from its academic, cultural, sporting and wide extra-curricular provision. The Governors of the school recognise that many of its parents have to make personal sacrifices to secure their children’s education. Fees are set at levels which represent excellent value for money, particularly in light of the opportunities offered by the school, and some means tested awards are available.

Annual Awards fall into two categories:


Bursaries are means tested awards based on parental circumstances and are awarded on an annual basis. They are available to external candidates who meet the School’s academic entry requirement and whose parents could not afford to send their child to Exeter School without financial assistance. 

The financial support available through the School’s bursary programme is very limited and applications must be supported by a full, written, verified statement of financial circumstances. Parents who wish their child to be considered for a bursary should make an application by completing the appropriate form, available from the Registrar, once they have confirmed their child is a candidate for the coming year and the child has been registered.

All applications for support must be received by 1 January before the child is due to start at the School. The assessment process will include a home visit by an agent employed by the School. As a general guide, gross parental income will need to be below £60,000 p.a. to allow consideration for a bursary. 

Free Places - As part of of its bursary programme, Exeter School is able to offer up to eight free places in the Senior School and Sixth Form as a result of donations and legacies from former pupils, in addition to ongoing grants from a local charity.

The Foundation Bursaries, funded from alumni legacies and gifts, will offer free places to three pupils entering the school at 11+ (Year 7).

The St John’s Hospital Educational Foundation grant will offer three full bursaries for Sixth Form entry.

The George Williams Bursaries will offer two further free places to study the Sciences at Sixth Form. These bursaries have been made possible by a generous bequest and continuing donations from the estate of a prominent deceased former pupil.

The generosity of our alumni and others with connections to the School is central to our being able to provide the large amount of support we can give to bright children from families in modest circumstances: families who would otherwise be unable to take advantage of our splendid facilities and the first-class education. Please note that a bursary may be awarded in addition to a scholarship award.


Entrance Scholarships and Exhibitions offer a prize to top performers in the entrance assessments and examinations taken in January. These prizes are presented to new pupils at Speech Day in the September of entry. They are awarded at 7+ (Year 3), 11+ (Year 7) and 13+ (Year 9).

Music Scholarships and Exhibitions are available to both internal and external candidates who have satisfied the school’s academic requirements for entry. Parents who wish their child to be considered for a music award must complete a Music Scholarship application form.


7+ (Year 3): Entrance Scholarships and Exhibitions*
11+ (Year 7): Entrance Scholarships and Exhibitions*
13+ (Year 9):

1 Entrance Scholarship* awarded to an external candidate
1 Music Scholarship offering a 10% remission against school fees
Music Exhibitions which assist with the cost of music lessons

16+ (Year 12):

Up to 3 Music Scholarships offering a 10% remission against school fees
Music Exhibitions which assist with the cost of music lessons

The Sammy Sargent Music Scholarship: This top Music Scholarship may be awarded at 13+ or 16+ and offers a remission of 25% against school fees.

* Entrance Scholarships and Exhibitions are in the form of a prize awarded to the top performers in the entrance assessments and examinations taken in January.


The forms can be downloaded in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to open them. Please click the link on the right to download Reader for installation on your computer.