Fees List and Terms & Conditions

Fees List and Terms & Conditions

Academic Year 2018 - 2019

Registration fee

Payable on registration and non-refundable. (Registrations for September 2019 entry made after 1 December 2018 will incur an additional charge of £50)£100
Acceptance Deposit
 Payable by the parents of each pupil on acceptance of a place

 Please see the School's Terms and Conditions for information on how and when the Acceptance Deposit may be refunded
Fees per term
 Junior School£3,975
 Senior School£4,410
 Please note that the cost of lunches is included within the Fees for the Junior School but not within the Fees for the Senior School
 Sibling discounts: A reduction of 5% of the tuition fee will be made for the second child in respect of whom fees are being paid in the Senior or Junior School, and 10% for the third or subsequent child.
 The tuition fees cover all normal expenses incurred by the School in the education of pupils. These include the loan of text books but not the payment of examination fees. The fee does, however, cover a school magazine, a termly calendar and standard expenses connected with the CCF, Duke of Edinburgh's Award, Activities Group and Social Service
 An amount will be added to the Fees invoice for optional insurance cover.
If not declined, this cost is charged termly in advance.

Revised 7 June 2018

Terms and Conditions

Please see the School's Terms and Conditions for further information about the payment of Fees and Extras.

The School's Terms and Conditions are available here or will be supplied on request from the Registrar's office.

A PDF copy of the Fees List for Academic Year 2018-2019 can be downloaded here.