Entry at 11 - 17

Entry at 11 - 17

Entry to the Senior School can take place at 11+, when the majority of applicants join, at 13+, or at 16+ for the Sixth Form, but applicants may also enter at other ages where places are available. Entry at 11+ and 13+ is by examination and at 16+ by interview. In each case a report/reference will be requested from the applicant’s current school once they have been confirmed as a candidate.

Entrance examinations for entry to the Senior School in September 2020 will take place on Wednesday 15 January 2020.

Sixth Form Interview Days are held between November 2019 and March 2020.

In order to be eligible for entrance examination or interview, a pupil must first be registered. A registration form is provided with the printed prospectus or is available to download here. The appropriate registration fee is payable with each completed pupil registration form.

Completed registration forms applying for September 2020 entry must be received by 2 December 2019. Applications for September 2020 entry made after this closing date will incur an additional charge of £50.

At 11+ the following papers will be set:

English: This paper will contain a reading exercise designed to assess candidates’ comprehension skills and will also assess the ability to construct an imaginative piece of writing.

This paper will test competence in basic arithmetic and fractions (not including multiplication or division of decimals). Other questions will be designed to test the ability to solve problems using numerical skills for which no special techniques are required. Calculators are not allowed.

Computer Based Assessment: There will also be an element of testing using computers. The test asks questions based on English and Mathematics and non-verbal reasoning, which includes multiple choice, drag and drop and complete the word answers. The content is the same as required for the written English and Mathematics papers. This innovative test provides a reliable, fair and comprehensive assessment for children whatever their educational background. The test is deliberately designed to be done without any prior practice.

At 13+ the following papers will be set:

English: This paper will contain a reading exercise designed to assess candidates’ comprehension skills and will also assess candidates’ writing skills by requiring them to construct a written piece of an argumentative, informative or imaginative nature.

Mathematics: Questions are similar in style and content to those at 11+ but include some additional age appropriate material including basic algebra, angle facts, harder fraction operations and measurement of area and volume, amongst others. Calculators are not allowed.

Modern Foreign Languages: There will be short papers (30 minutes) set in French, German and Spanish. Candidates must sit ONE of these, depending on which language they have studied. The paper will contain some reading comprehension questions, which will be answered either in English, or by choosing from a list of options and writing the appropriate letter. There will also be some open-ended questions in the target language which the candidates will have to answer, writing in full sentences. The best candidates will show an ability to write about activities in the past, present and future, and to offer opinions.

Science: Short questions based on the content expected to have been covered by the time of the 13+ examinations. In the style of typical Key Stage 3 assessments. Calculators are allowed.

At 16+ (Sixth Form) the admissions process involves:
• An interview with the Headmaster.
• Interviews with the Heads of Departments of the subjects the applicant wishes to study at A Level. These are designed to discover a candidate’s motivation, future potential and existing subject knowledge.
• An interview with the Head of Sixth Form.
• For some subject choices, candidates will be asked to complete a short written test based on GCSE syllabuses or general foundation work.
• Evaluation of a reference provided by the candidate’s present school.
• An assessment of extra-curricular commitments and skills already possessed by the candidate in such areas as the arts, music, outdoor activities and sport.

Interviews are held on specified days between November to March or by arrangement. The offer of a place will include a minimum GCSE grade requirement of 3 grade 7 or A and 3 grade 6 or B, including English and Maths.

For more information about the admissions process, please contact:
Miss Susan Allen, Registrar, Exeter School, Victoria Park Road, Exeter, Devon EX2 4NS