School Library and ICT

School Library and ICT

The Library extends over two floors 
to provide a spacious, light, airy study areaThe Library extends over two floors to provide a spacious, light, airy study area. This magnificent Library provides an exciting, modern resource centre which supports pupils both in their academic work and in their extra-curricular activities and interests.   The Library is open until 5.15 pm each day. 

Five dedicated ICT rooms are available to pupils with additional machines in the Library, Sixth Form study room, Design and Technology, Music, and Art departments.

Pupils have access to their own files throughout the school via the network and are taught to be responsible for their own space, to store their files, having been provided with their own logins from the moment they start.  E-mail addresses are assigned to each pupil from year 4 upwards. They can access their mail through the school system and also from home or any computer connected to the internet.

The school's intranet can be accessed by pupils and parents remotely. It contains many teaching and learning resources organised by departments, as well as detailed information for parents.

DSC05112 260.jpgThe Senior School centre is staffed by ICT teaching staff from 8.45 am to 5.00 pm, allowing students to use the facilities outside lessons and providing support if required.

The Junior School Library is a warm, friendly space which features interactive wall displays, a reading area and a research area. We now have the addition of an electronic scanning and research system.

The Junior Library has over 2,000 items (fiction and non-fiction) on its shelves and children can take out two books at a time, for two weeks. Fiction is organised by author's surname on the shelves; non-fiction is organised by a simplified Dewey system, listed clearly on the wall. Junior librarians are on hand at break times and after school to assist with lending.