Mr R Griffin, MA Christ Church, Oxford (Modern Languages)

Mr P M Šljivic, MA St Catherine's College, Oxford (Geography)
Mr M J Hughes, MA University College, Oxford (Mathematics)

Miss L J Hilton, MSci Nottingham University (Chemistry)
Mr G S Bone, BSc (Ed) Exeter University, CSci Teach (Physics)

Mr J W Davidson, MA Christ Church, Oxford, MSc University College, London (Geography)

Mrs S J Marks, BSc North East London Polytechnic (Science)

Mr J S Wood, BA Northumbria University (English and History)

Cdre R C Hawkins OBE, BA, RN


Art & Design
 Miss A J Dyer, BA Plymouth University (Head of Department)
 Mrs R A Smith, BA Pembroke College, Oxford
 Miss J H White, BA West of England

 Mrs J H Metcalf, MA Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge (Head of Department)
 Mr P J C Boddington, BSc Exeter University 
 Miss J M Booth, MSc Bath University
 Mrs A C Johnson, BSc St Andrew's University
 Mr B D Kirsch, BSc Exeter University
 Mrs P Smith, BSc Plymouth University (Head of RAF section, CCF)

 Mr R F J Tear, BSc Exeter (Head of Department)
 Miss L J Hilton (see Assistant Heads)
 Mr M K Chitnavis, BSc Plymouth University, CSci, FRSC
 Dr A M Rowland, PhD Durham University
 Dr S P Smale, PhD Cardiff University (Gifted and Talented Coordinator)
 Mrs F J Tamblyn, BSc Nottingham University
 Mrs S Shrubb, MA, University of Jena, Germany (Head of Department)
 Mrs E K J Dunlop, BA Oriel College, Oxford, MA, King’s College London, MPhil, St John’s College, Oxford
 Mr N P L Keyes, MA St John’s College, Oxford

Computing & Information Systems
 Mrs R Cull, BSc Exeter University, MIITT, CMath, MIMA (Head of Department) 
 Mr N F Howard, BA Open University 
 Mr D E Sims, PGCE Roehampton

Design Technology
 Mr N W Moon, BSc Exeter University (Head of Department) 
 Mr I R Lowles, BA Loughborough University

 Mr J S Brough, BSc Loughborough University, LAMDA (Head of Department)

 Dr A W Houghton, MA Christ’s College, Cambridge, MSc UCL, PhD University of Plymouth (Head of Department)
 Mr M E Schramm (see Physics)

 Mr A S Dobson, MA Robinson College, Cambridge (Head of Department)
 Mr G T H Banks, BA Leeds University
 Mrs J H Daybell, BA Trinity College, Cambridge, MA Central Michigan University
 Mrs E K J Dunlop, BA Oriel College, Oxford, MA, King’s College London, MPhil, St John’s College, Oxford
 Mr R O Evans, BA Birmingham University
 Mr B J J Masters, BA Warwick University, MA Liverpool University
 Mrs K L Ridler-Murray, BA Cardiff University, MA Fontys University, The Netherlands
 Mrs E A Whittall, MA Exeter University

 Mrs H M Sail, MA Newnham College, Cambridge (Head of Department)
 Mr J W Davidson, (see Director of Alumni Relations)
 Mr P M Hyde, BSc Manchester University
 Mrs A Roff, BSc Surrey University, MSc Edinburgh University
 Mr P M Sljivic (see Deputy Headmaster)
 Mrs M J Webb, MA St Andrews University

Higher Education and Careers
 Mrs R Cheesman, MSc London South Bank University
 Mr M K Chitnavis (see Chemistry)

  Mr G N Trelawny, BEd Exeter University, MA Reading University (Head of Department)
  Mrs A-J Culley, BA University College, Dublin, BSc Open University
  Ms J R Hodgetts, BA Exeter University, MA Sussex University
  Mr R A J Newsome, BA Bristol University

  Mr M F Latimer, MA Clare College, Cambridge, MSt Wadham College, Oxford (Head of Department)
  Mrs R Alborough, BA Exeter University
  Mr R A Charters, BA Manchester University
  Mrs A M Francis, MA St Peter’s College, Oxford
  Mr J J Marshall, BEd Sunderland University
  Mrs D D S Masters, BA Orleans University, France
  Mr M C Wilcock, BEd Exeter University 
  Mrs S C Wilson, BA Durham University

Learning Support
  Mrs A Reeves, BSc Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education
  Mrs S Oliver, BEd Exeter University

  Miss E V Marshall, BSc Bath University (Head of Department)
  Dr G J D Chapman, BSc Manchester University, PhD Bristol University, MSc Open University
(CCF Contingent Commander)
   Mr W J Daws, BA Queens’ College, Cambridge
   Mr M J Hughes (see Deputy Headmasters)
  Mrs A J James, BSc Oxford Brookes University
  Mr F E Malone-Lee, BA Jesus College, Cambridge
   Ms M McCluskey, MSc LSE
   Mr A J Reynolds, BSc Durham University (Examinations Officer)
   Dr P M Smallwood, BSc, PhD Bristol University
   Mr G R Willson, BSc Southampton University

  Mr P Tamblyn, MA, Jesus College, Cambridge, MMus, University of London (Director of Music)
  Mr T P Brimelow, BMus Edinburgh University (Assistant Director of Music)
  Mrs T M Guthrie, BA Bristol University
  Mrs R Allnatt, Dip RCM
  Mr D Bowen, BEd, Exeter University
  Mr M Cann, BA, PGCE
  Mr S Crossen
  Mr A Daldorph BA, Dip Mus
  Mr A Gillett, ARCM
  Mr M Greenwood, LRAM
  Mr B R Moore, BA Exeter University, MA Open University
  Ms M Orriss, GGSM
  Mr P K Painter, DipMusEd CertEd Exeter University 
  Mrs R Willson, BA Hons

Physical Education
  Mr A C F Mason, BA Warwick University (Director of Sport)
  Mrs A Marsh, BEd St Paul’s & St Mary’s, Cheltenham (Head of Sixth Form)
  Mr J W Fawkes, BSc Exeter University
  Mr E P MJones, BSc UWIC
  Mr G Skinner, BEd Keele University
  Miss R A Carter, BSc Loughborough University
  Miss H J Rhodes, BSc Leeds University

  Dr J L Wilson, MPhys Keble College, Oxford, DPhil University of Oxford (Head of Department,   Director of Science, in charge of Learning at Exeter School initiative)
  Mr G S Bone, BSc Exeter University, CSci (see Assistant Head)
  Mr T J Clark, BSc Exeter University
  Dr A W Houghton, MA Christ’s College, Cambridge, MSc UCL, PhD University of Plymouth
  Dr G B N Robb, PhD Southampton University
  Mr M E Schramm, BSc Exeter University

Religious Studies
  Mr M H R Porter, BA Exeter University (Head of Department)
  Mr D J Burnside, MA Exeter University
  Revd T P Carson, MTh Ripon College Cuddesdon, Oxford, MA London University, MA Regent’s  Park College, Oxford (see Chaplain)
  Mrs C Gooddy, MSc Exeter University
  Mrs A J Marsh (see Physical Education)
  Mrs J M Murrin, BA Leeds University

Social Studies
  Mr S K Mackintosh, BA St Anne’s College, Oxford (Head of Economics and Business)
  Mr R J Baker, BA Newcastle upon Tyne University
  Mr P Bell, BA Manchester University
  Miss M F Dunn, BA Exeter University (Head of Politics)

  Revd T P Carson, MA, MTh Regent's Park College, Oxford


  Mrs S J Marks, BSc North East London Polytechnic (Headmistress)
  Mr J S Wood BA Northumbria University (Assistant Head)
  Mr G E L Ashman, OE, BA London University (Year 6 Form Tutor, Head of History, Head of Football & Cricket)
  Miss K J Ballard, MA Homerton College, Cambridge (Year 4 Form Tutor, Head of French and Geography)
  Ms J A Barnes, MSc Goldsmiths University of London (Year 5 Form Tutor, Head of Maths, Chair of Teaching and Learning Committee)
  Mr R Bland, BEd Exeter University (Year 4 Form Tutor, Head of D.T., Head of Boys' Hockey)
  Mrs P A Goldsworthy, BA Reading University, Music diploma Licentiate of the Trinity College of London (Year 6 Form Tutor, Head of PSHE and Religious Studies)
  Mrs C H Handley, BEd Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education (Head of Art)
  Mrs L L Hardy, MA Lancaster University (Year 3 Form Tutor, Library & Reading Development Coordinator)
 Mrs K L Jones, BSc Birmingham University (DT Tutor)
  Mrs R M Parkin, CertEd (Year 6 Form Tutor, Head of Girls' Games and PE)
 Mrs R E Pettet, BA Plymouth University (Year 5 Form Tutor, Head of English)
  Mr R J Pidwell, BA Central Lancashire University (Year 5 Form Tutor, Head of Science, Head of Rugby)
  Mrs V K Randerson, CertEd, Dudley College of Education, University of Birmingham (Year 3 Form Tutor)
  Mrs R Sherrell (Junior School Secretary)
  Mrs D Warren (Headmistress's Assistant)
  Mrs A J Buckingham (Pastoral Assistant)
  Mrs F J Turner, BEd King Alfred's College (Junior School Assistant)
  Miss R Morris (Gap Student Assistant)

Mrs R Allnatt, Dip RCM, Cert Adv Study (‘cello)
Ms J Arnason, BA (RSAMD), MA, ALCM (bassoon)
Mr D Bowen, BEd (guitar)
Miss A Caffelle BMus (Hons) Grad RNCM PG Dip. (Performance) (bassoon)
Mr M Cann, BA, PGCE (piano)
Mr S Crossen (percussion)
Mr A Daldorph, BA, Dip Mus, FRCO (piano/organ/singing/composition)
Miss S Deans BMus (clarinet/saxophone)
Mrs M Farley (orchestral percussion/drum kit)
Mrs C Galton, MA, ARCM (piano)
Mr A Gillett, ARCM (violin/viola)
Mr M Greenwood, LRAM (clarinet / saxophone)
Dr E J Grier, M.Phys, D.Phil (Harp)
Mrs T Guthrie, BA LGSM (singing)
Mrs C Hardy, ARCM, LTCL (trombone)
Miss C Hayek, LRAM (violin)
Mr A Hicks, GRSM, LGSM, LRAM, CertEd (singing)
Mr B Moore, BA, MA (Open), Cert ABRSM (trumpet)
Mrs A Northcott, GBSM, LGSM, ABSM (singing)
Ms M Orriss, GGSM Hons (flute)
Mr P Painter, Dip Mus Ed, CertEd (brass)
Mr C Pettet, MA (Oxon), FRCO, ARCM (piano / jazz piano)
Mrs K Stanley, BA, PGCE (guitar)
Mrs H Vercoe BA, LRAM (piano)
Mrs E Williams, BA, PGCE (flute/piano)
Miss E Williams, BMus, PGCE (singing/piano)
Mrs R Willson, BA Hons (violin)


  Mrs E G Taylor, BSc Newcastle upon Tyne University, DipLib, MCLP
  Mrs S E Edmunds, Cert Ed Sussex University
  Miss R J Gillman, BA Plymouth

  Mr W R T Lines, BSc, MSc, CEng, MBCS, CITP, MCMI

  Mr P D Sprake, MCSA

  Mrs N J Jokonya, BSc Sheffield Hallam University  
  Mrs C Fullam
  Miss V V Offord, Ms S Lewis, Mr D M Topley
  Mrs A V McKay
  Mr M J Saunders
  Mr P D Charnley


Bursar, Clerk to the Governors, and Company SecretaryCdre R C Hawkins OBE, BA, RN
Deputy Bursar and Company AccountantMrs G M Robins BA, FCCA
Estates and Facilities ManagerMr C A Stewart
RegistrarMrs S M Chamberlain, BA
Communications OfficerMrs K Brookes-Ferrari, BA 
Headmaster’s SecretaryMrs A C Goswell
Junior School SecretaryMrs R Sherrell
Assistant to the RegistrarMrs J Furniss
Assistant SecretaryMrs K-A Hancock
Academic Administrator and Examinations SecretaryMiss E C S Buchanan, BA
Alumni SecretaryMrs K N Dart 
Sixth Form Study SupervisorDr J B Bawn, PhD
Bursary AdministratorMrs S A Aggett
Music Department AdministratorMrs S A Daldorph, BA, Dip PR
Hirings and Events Co-ordinatorMrs H Didon
Office AssistantsMs K Gratton / Mrs D Warren
IT Support TechnicianMr J S Lapenna
ICT and Examinations SupportMr R M Fryer, MA
Reprographics SupervisorMiss R E Currie, BA
Assistant AccountantMrs A J Hooper
Accounts Assistant
Mrs S Boland, MA
Compliance and Training OfficerMrs L M Stewart
Catering ManagerMiss M Hendrick
Combined Cadet ForceWO2 Mr F L Smith