Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Our aim is to promote high standards for the conduct of pupils within a friendly, tolerant and safe working environment.

The happiness and wellbeing of all pupils are at the heart of everything we do. We aim to know everyone as an individual and to provide a secure and caring environment, so that every pupil can enjoy his or her learning. We expect good manners, respect and fair play to be shown by all.

Exeter School promotes social, spiritual and moral wellbeing through its pastoral care system, led by the form tutors, House staff, subject teachers and the chaplain.

The School Chaplain, Reverend Tom Carson, also plays an important role in our pastoral care of pupils throughout the Junior and Senior School. He is available to everyone in the school community, of all faiths and none. The Chaplain’s primary role is to look out for the well-being of all pupils at Exeter School and to offer confidential listening and spiritual guidance.

Pupils in the Junior and Senior Schools attend Chapel services on a weekly basis in which hymns are sung, pupils read from the Bible, and a reflection is given on Christian values which are relevant to all. The Chapel of St John the Baptist is an important quiet space which can be used for prayer and reflection. At a time of sadness or need pupils may light a candle in the Chapel.

In Exeter Junior School, every new pupil is allocated a ‘buddy’ who is responsible for taking care of the new member of the school community. This outcome is twofold; existing pupils grow in confidence as they take on personal responsibility and new pupils build relationships with senior members of the school.

Alongside form tutors who are primarily responsible for pastoral care in the Junior School, a Pastoral Assistant is a regular point of contact for pupils’ welfare at play times and during the day, assisted by a Gap Year Student.